Well That Could Have Been Worse

I left you, my fearless readers, with brown ale wort on the boil. The boil went exceedingly well, without any bad news to report. After the madness that was sparging, I was delightfully surprised.

a sticky mess

a sticky mess

The cooling didn’t go as quickly as I might have hoped. I have a limited amount of ice, and it was already past 2AM. So I decided to go to bed, and check it in the morning. The morning check found the temp still at about 95°F, so I moved the wort carefully to the carboy it would ferment in, and placed it in my basement freezer for a bit. Once sufficiently reduced in temperature, I took it out and checked the SG, recording a 1.041. That was very reassuring, since that was the expected OG based on the recipe. Good starch conversion! I then pitched the yeast, which meant simply pouring the dry yeast onto the wort.

Apparently this beer yeast needs no rehydration, unlike the wine yeasts I am familiar with. And it apparently starts up much faster than the typical wine yeast I am used to. Much, much faster. In the images below you can see the time (in hours) and the progress of the krausen. Not as pretty as it might have been, due to my poor job of keeping hops out of the move to the carboy. But I am more than satisfied with the results so far.

The fermentation will be a little higher temperature than optimal, but still in the range for the yeast (the high end – around 77F). Wish I remembered which yeast it was…Left the packet on the desk at home, and we are visiting family this weekend. Actually, a little longer than that. I’ll get to check in on the brown ale (and my other in-process ferments) this upcoming weekend. But then I won’t see them for two weeks! About the time I return from that I expect the brown ale will be nearly complete and ready for priming and bottling!

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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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