Well, today was not the best for things in storage. Coming home from work, I found two exploded bottles of brown ale. At first I only saw one, in a box on the ground, and thought someone may have just kicked the box. Such things are not out of the question. But the second was in a box up on a shelf, so it seems rather unlikely…

So, I took one of the other bottles of brown ale to the refrigerator for testing “later”. I also took another of my bottles of primed mead to the refrigerator for testing as well.

A  few hours later, I happened to smell a certain fermenty-sweetness, near my home office; soon I found that a bottle of Sweet Asian Pear Mead had popped its cork. So “strike three” for the day.

Results are mixed after that. The brown ale was tested at dinner, and found to be quite tasty. Sweet and fruity, with a modest amount of carbonation – nothing to account for two bottles exploding – and not much in the way of a head. The lemony hops flavor is impossible to miss. Overall, not a bad accompaniment to dinner.

Dinner itself went off pretty well. I made pork chops with a side of rigatoni. To the rigatoni I added a first-time-ever-made Pear Mead Cream sauce. It was excellent. I took 4 tbsp. of butter (real – not that nasty margarine stuff) and cooked a small, chopped onion in it. To this I added 1/2 cup of Asian Pear Mead (my own brew). I simmered this briefly before adding it to the pan drippings from the pork chops. I reduced by half, then added a cup of heavy cream, Only thing left was to heat through till bubbly. The rigatoni tossed in the sauce was spectacular, and got rave reviews from adults and kids alike. And it wasn’t bad on the pork chops, either.

(Oh, and the primed mead is not yet carbonated. But Kim likes it. So, win?)


About George

I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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