A garden, a date, and upcoming fun

Tonight, I made an excellent pasta dish loosely based on a recipe on allrecipes.com. I had some Andouille sausage, and a whole bunch of vegetables from our garden. Using some tomato (different colored varieties), some bell peppers (red and green) from the garden, and adding onion, mushrooms and garlic which we did not grow, along with some cream and a hint of my own apple wine (in place of a dry white), dinner was a pleasant success. Sean, my 6-year-old, still wouldn’t eat it, but everyone else did. And I rarely judge a meal based on Sean’s take-away at this stage of his culinary life!

I love using things from the garden. It’s the perfect time! And it makes me thankful in so many ways.

In other “news”, Kim and I were scheduled for a massage at Zen Gym in Greenville on Saturday (yesterday). Friday, we received the call that they were cancelling our appointment – apparently an opportunity came up they couldn’t refuse…

So, with babysitter already planned, we were not about to quit the date. Just meant we needed to figure out what else to do.

For starters, I dropped us by Grape & Grains and picked up the ingredients to make a Belgian quadruple, or “quad”. I’m a fan of St. Bernardus Abt 12, a notable quad I discovered at The Trappe Door (another restaurant well worth a visit in Greenville). I could only hope to make something so enjoyable! In any case, it should be an interesting batch. I’ve only worked with dry yeast packets – never slap packs or starters. This will likely require building a starter. And the recipe I have suggests re-pitching at priming. The instructions are a little vague. So we’ll see how it goes. Not sure when I will get to starting it. I may need to get something bottled to free up a carboy…

My Beautiful Wife, Kim

My Beautiful Wife, Kim

Moving on from there, we stopped for a late lunch at Brixx Pizza – which we both love. Their pizza is the perfect size for a lunch date, and combined with the Pear-Arugula salad…

We spent the rest of the afternoon meandering a couple common haunts. We bought chocolate at World Market – maybe a little too much. And we picked up a yummy wine called Callabriga after a free tasting at Total Wine & More; the wine is from the Douro Valley in Portugal. Having tasted port from there while in Porto, Kim and I quickly noticed that you could absolutely taste the region’s grapes. It was like pre-port. Just wonderful.

We took a quick trip to Barnes & Noble, but didn’t see anything we really needed, so moved on to dinner. Dinner was at Tupelo Honey Café. We had been to the one in Asheville, NC. But Kim had been dying to come to the new one just built in Greenville. The food and drinks were all excellent. Yummy biscuits, tasty steak, and delicious mac and cheese for me. It was a treat, and we headed home quite satisfied.

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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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