October 6, 2013

This afternoon, the weekend’s camping activities complete, I was able to get to bottling the strawberry melomel. Bottling was uneventful, and the result was fifteen orange-red bottles of strawberry melomel, all in clear glass. Luckily, there was enough left over for a glass. It was quite dry, but full of flavor, and had a great feel in the mouth like a good red wine. Now we will let it age some more in the bottle.

I also cleaned some carboys for later in the evening. Then we went to a baptismal service. My daughter Julianne was baptized, as were two of our youth. It was a short event, but awesome.

Well, returning home, we got kids in the bath and then into bed. My wife then went to a coffee night with the ladies, and I got to work. First, I racked the new braggot to a 5G carboy. No issues. Then I did the same to the muscadine wine (3G carboy).

The muscadine wine was more complicated, as there wasn’t quite enough liquid. Removing the bag of solids, there was 2 1/2 gallons of lees and liquid. I transferred the liquid to the carboy, and then proceeded to add sugar water. I worked 1/2 gallon at a time (1 pound of sugar to 1/2 gallon of water), and needed to do the addition about 1 1/2 times). I had measured the SG before this, finding 1.003, and then after, finding a 1.024.

Overall a good, even if busy, day.

About George

I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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