Old Books, New Boots

Beginner's Grammar

Beginner’s Grammar

This morning, a friend at church handed me a book from the 20’s. It is a Greek Grammar by William Hersey Davis. Pretty sure enough has happened in the study/reconstruction of Koine Greek to call into question some of the contents, but I love collecting old books, especially language books!

And I also received a new pair of combat boots from my parents. I’ve been out of combat boots, and rather depressed by my lack of ability to find quality replacements. These look like they just might do the trick!

My old boots (years back) were 13R, and these are 12R, but appear to fit fine (if a little more snuggly). The old pair always were a bit like clown-shoes in size, though I didn’t mind because the width of my foot was very appreciative of the space. Time will tell how well these work with my feet. The major difference is that these are lined, though. My old ones (both the original and the attempted replacements) were just leather. The new ones with lining/padding were a little hot for picking grapes this afternoon, but I pushed through. And I still love the boots!

New Combat Boots!

New Combat Boots!

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