Mars and Saturn!

Muscadines are not yet ready at The Happy Berry. Probably at least another week. Just as well, as I picked a few more grapes than intended, even without Muscadines ready! I missed the Jupiter grapes, and picked Venus earlier this summer. But there were plenty of Mars and Saturn grapes left, even after Jenna and I went through the vines.

We picked 25 pounds of Saturn and 27 pounds of Mars. I was shocked. I’ll of course have less than that once I pick over them to remove stems and bad berries. But that is still plenty for a 3 gallon batch of wine and at least one batch of jam (maybe more?) each. And, as the kids keep asking, some for eating… They are table grapes, after all. Though I did see online that Saturn grapes have the potential to be used for an “acceptable blending wine”.

We picked just before closing, so getting home I had just enough time to get them off top of each other instead of crushing one another in the buckets. Tomorrow, despite some other activities, I will need to pick over the grapes removing stems and bad grapes. I have the primary fermenters, yeast and maybe enough sugar. May need to clear up some secondary fermenters soon, though…


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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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