Finishing The Plum

Yesterday I bottled the plum wines, and today I labeled them. In the end, I had 14 (plus the one taken to potluck) bottles of 16.2% ABV Plum Wine. And I had 4 (plus the one) 16.2% oaked Plum Wine, labeled as “Plum Wine & Hungarian Oak”. The bottling resulted in some spillage, and I ended having to top up the fifth bottle of Hungarian oak with straight plum wine, maybe a sixth of the bottle. Not an issue, though I had to mop up the wasted wine.

It was a fairly painless process printing. With the template already ready to go, I just had to enter in the data. I did miss a couple of percent signs, so some are labeled “16.2 ABV”. Bummed, but not so frustrated as to print up more labels!

And with that, good night.

About George

I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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