A Busy Weekend, Part I

This was a constantly “moving” weekend (I’m including Friday in the weekend, though I worked), fun and frustrating all wrapped up together. Friday was a mixed bag, ranging from racking wine to experimenting with salsa-making. Saturday was full of excitement, with a trip to Atlanta for food stuffs, and a side trip of the “fun for kids” variety. And today was the youngest child’s birthday.


Friday was a fairly normal work day, with a small break over lunch to rack the fig wine to a jug for secondary fermentation. I got the bright idea to pick some figs to add to secondary, and ended up adding only 3.5 ounces; the tree in the back yard has been picked over fairly well at this point. Not much, but I hope enough to provide some additional fig character. I washed and removed stems, then cut in half before adding to the jug. At first, most sank, with only a few floating. But many are floating at the top, at this point.

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As you can see, the color has proceeded from a milky pink to the clearer grapefruit color, seen today. Or better, much like the color of the pinkish insides of a fig. I did taste the fig wine at racking, and it does not have any of the woodiness or vinegar flavors I feared. Restrained optimism seems warranted.

Later on in the afternoon, work completed, I proceeded to make two dinners. One was sausage and peppers, intended for delivery to Friday potluck. The other was spaghetti, for the girl scouts that would be meeting at our own house that evening. While preparing, one of the neighbors brought over a good number of tomatoes, peppers and herbs. This reminded me of an idea I had been having for salsa.

For a couple of days, I had been taken with this idea of combining tomatoes and blueberries to make salsa. Fruit can certainly be a salsa component, right? But, knowing that I sometimes get an eyebrow raised when I suggest the combination of fruit and less-fruity things, I decided to look online – not for recipes exactly, but to see if I was out in left field or not. I managed to find this recipe for an Avocado-Fourth-of-July themed salsa. Rather thick for salsa, if you ask me.

As I said,  I did not exactly follow the recipe. Just used it as a sanity check. I ran to my blender, threw in about a half cup of white onions, a bunch of backyard blueberries, a bunch (3 medium-sized?) of just-ripened tomatoes, a kid-size handful of cilantro, a single jalepeño, and 2 poblano peppers (I think). I also added in a 1/4 tsp. of salt. Then I blended it. It filled 1 2/3 of the pint-sized canning jars, once fully blended.  Came out rather runny at first, but then I recalled the recipe suggested letting sit for ten minutes.

By the time I was at potluck, the salsa had “set” nicely. Not too thick, not too runny. And best of all, quite apart from any knowledge on my part, there were fajitas. The salsa worked quite well, in spite of the oddness of a salsa with blueberries. It was a lovely pink color, I guess from the tomato and white onion, but with a purple shine from the bits of inter-mixed blueberry skin. And the peppers added a distinct, but not overpowering, kick. Sweet and spicey, very nice.

We only took the 2/3 jar, as I was not certain whether my concoction would go over well. Glad to have the remaining jar in the refrigerator, now that I have verified its taste!

And the weekend continues…

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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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