A Busy Weekend, Part II

Yesterday (Saturday), we had planned to go to Atlanta for some supply-shopping. And so we did. First stop, north-side of Atlanta, was The Bread Beckers.

Honey And Such

We had a number of things to find at The Bread Beckers. First, I needed honey for mead. Looking over the varieties available, I selected 2 gallons (12 lbs per gallon) each of Wildflower, Orange Blossom and a “Bakers” honey. Got to taste a couple of others, and it was this that led me to pick the “Bakers” honey. At first I had thought that was possibly just a “mix” honey. Turns out it is a honey based on a pepper plant. It’s not spicey at all, but I loved the flavor. Definitely more appealing than either the Gallberry honey (with a bad aftertaste, in my opinion) Buckwheat honey (good, but not as good), which I sampled inquisitively.

Might have been interested in getting Tupelo honey, but it was $99 and change per gallon. I quickly passed. The others were considerably less than that.

I also needed a plastic bucket with locking lid, for storing sugar. I use a lot of sugar, both making jelly/jam and wine. Kim though I should get something to protect the sugar from the environment, rather than leaving it in big bags. I agreed, probably not a bad idea. Then Kim wanted to get some grains for making bread, as well as honey granules, which work great for coffee and tea.

Fun Time

All that done, we headed towards our next destination, Fernbanks’ Natural History Museum. We stopped at Fellini’s Pizza just short of our destination, and were not disappointed. It was excellent! I also got to try my first saison, which Kim also found quite tasty. I’m finding that there are more and more beer varieties out there that are well worth trying!

We have a pass that gets us in most children’s museums, zoos and aquariums free or at some reduced price. Found out that the Natural History Museum was not one of them. Later, we found out there is a nearby Science Center that was free with our passes. That can be for another day.

The Museum was a lot of fund. There was an exhibit about senses (mostly sight), and one about culture (mostly concerning body art and clothing). There was a interesting exhibit covering the different regions of Georgia and how they were formed geologically. And there was an extensive exhibit covering the timespan from first cellular life to current day, with emphasis on dinosaurs and their immediate precursors. That was what had caught our eyes about the place when we first searched, knowing Sean would find that interesting, and this his birthday weekend.

By chance, we met up with one of Sean’s school friends as we attended a show-and-tell of reptiles (a snake, a turtle, and lizard). After leaving the show, we all headed to the play land in the Museum. The kids all enjoyed the play land for about an hour. Great place! And then, with a short trip to the gift shop at the entrance (or should I say exit?), we were on our way to the next thing.


Next on our “plan” was a trip to an Asian Market. After some online searching, we had selected Great Wall Supermarket, and it was an excellent choice. We started with the food court, selecting some steamed mini-buns, some jelly drinks, a platter of string beans with pork, and a stir fried pork in a sweet sour sauce (though it was actually more spicey than sour). Everything was great, though it seemed to take a while.

Fed, we then moved onto shopping. I didn’t really have a shopping list. But, I knew I wanted to find red and massaman curry if it was available, as well as coconut milk. Great Wall did not disappoint. Besides for the curry supplies, we got noodles, assorted fruits and vegetables, mochi, ice cream (not the normal stuff), frozen gyoza (dumplings), and an assortment of teas. I was slightly disappointed at not being able to find gemmai cha, a green tea with added brown rice that I love.

The fun of shopping ended there, abruptly. We went to the registers, and rang up quickly enough. But the bank decided this purchase on Kim’s card looked too suspicious, and I didn’t even think to try my card instead. A half hour later, after waiting on hold and talking to the bank somewhat fruitlessly, I tried my card, and it worked. Huge sigh of relief. Apparently Kim doesn’t use her card enough when we go out for Asian!

Then it was back home. After the cold stuff was in the freezer or refrigerator, we went to bed, all exhausted. But the weekend was not over…

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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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