Pear Mead/Apple Wine from 2012

Pear Mead/Apple Wine from 2012

Ah, finally a restful moment to think back on the day. I decided to open a bottle from some of the first batches of wine and mead I ever made, a mix of pear mead and apple wine. It was slightly carbonated, not enough to pop the cork (thankfully), with a crystal-clear golden hue (though there is sediment in the bottle kicked up by the carbonation). The flavor is rather light, but a recognizable apple-pear. And though my hope was the glass would focus the smell, it was so light at first that there was not much to detect. Re-sniffing as I write this I am pleasantly surprise to have a much richer smell to sample.

Earlier today the family drank the first batch of Pasteur Champagne ginger beer (from ginger bug trial 3). It was delightful. Not as spicy as I might have desired, but still enjoyable. My friend, likewise, enjoyed the ginger beer based on the bread yeast ginger bug (trial 2). The other ginger bug continues to be inert, to the eye at least.

And the bière de garde is bubbling its airlock quite well.

 Ah. Good night!

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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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