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Cute Little Potted Peppers

Cute Little Potted Peppers


The ornamental peppers, which we removed from garden-proper and potted to make room for other peppers are coming along nicely. Kim says to me today, looking at the picture, “Did you try one? How was it?”

“No, they’re ornamental. Wasn’t sure I should,” says I.

“You should have.” she says. Argh. Well, I’m not exactly within eating distance at the moment!


The pickles are coming along nicely, as far as I can tell. The brine smells awesome, and I can tell there is some amount of fermentation based on the mobility of the spices, though I can’t make out any actual bubbles at the top (the plastic gets in the way and moving it is making a mess and losing larger spices at the top) and there isn’t, as yet, any noticeable foam on top. They were likely to be ready mid-week, but since I am on vacation, I will be giving them just a little extra time to ferment before handling.

Alton’s recipe said it was likely fermentation would be visibly active on day 3. I think it is active, just not as visible as I’d like. So, hopefully, everything is well. Day 10 is the suggested completion date, if fermentation is proceeding as expected in a cool dry place.

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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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