Blueberry-Basil Preserves (for 2017)

Guess I’m on a productive kick, but this morning I found some time to make blueberry-basil preserves. Delightful smell and flavor, as always. A single batch filled 11 of the 8 oz. jars, and the set seems wonderful. I was expecting 10, based on the previous post that I followed. Can’t believe that was back in 2013! The only major modification was working with frozen blueberries. They had been U-picked, but I couldn’t process at the time!

I have enough to make another batch of blueberry, and I think I’ll go with something other than the blueberry-basil, but it will be a couple weeks before I have the time. Until then, the berries await their destiny in the freezer.

All My Ducks In A Row

All My Ducks In A Row

Like Dark Of Night

Like Dark Of Night

Can't Wait To Sample!

Can’t Wait To Sample!


About George

I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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