I Had The Nurses Scrambling

Thank you, all who read and responded to yesterday’s post. And for food, child care, text messages and prayers – all does not go unnoticed. Sincerely, thank you.

Unfortunately, today was more of the same, and got an earlier start. A cup of coffee into the day, sitting at my work computer monitoring a scripted update, and I started feeling woozy again. Went upstairs, slowly, grabbed Kim and had her drive me to urgent care (again).

Only, this time, they just flat-out said go away. To be honest, I didn’t hear the conversation, as I was sitting in a chair a couple of feet away trying not to slide onto the floor. But they did not see us, and told Kim to take me to the emergency room, another 20 minutes away.

Adjusts arms and clothing because the bandages and wires are pinching.

Off to the emergency room I went. Really, the staff who saw to me at Oconee Memorial were delightful, filled with relative calm and humor for what could be a frightening experience. Eespecially when I started leaking blood a little quicker than expected – they had to bring bleach in and mop the floor – as they poked me to place an IV. Before being admitted to the emergency room, I tried to make a blubbering dive for the floor, but Kim and the nurse caught me and moved me to a chair quickly, which I believe got me in the back quickly (I recall, though a little hazy on detail). If you were in the room, thanks, I won’t remember your name, but I appreciate your care!

It was a quick stay, as emergency room stays go. They did an EKG and monitored my blood pressure laying, sitting and standing. As they were doing so, my body was finally recovering, so the test was not very helpful, but it did bring a quizzical look and verbal comment about the fact. Maybe another hour of questions, a little food and juice, and more questions, all while they monitored blood pressure and pumped saline into me.

They fitted me with a heart monitor for the next 24 hours. Not the most comfortable of devices, but largely ignorable. Not that they think it is actually heart related. The end diagnosis was vasovagal syncope, a condition I have mentioned having already. While I had always heard that in reference to my “standing abruptly makes me see disco lights and want to sit down real quick”, apparently the same condition may happen in more stationary situations, as a result of stress, pain, fear, trauma, etc. So, this may not be metabolism at all. Or maybe they are related. Grrr.

Tomorrow I’ll see my family doctor, and let them see what next steps are. I’m now in the position of not wanting another episode – but simultaneously wanting another episode, so it can clearly reveal itself (or not) on the heart monitor.

So, your continued prayers are appreciated. And if we can get a move on to autumn, which in my experience is way less of a syncope hassle, I will be delighted.


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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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