Attempting Some White Bread

Returning from holiday in South Dakota, I was encouraged to attempt some baking again. I had made breakfast for the family, done a small puzzle, done the bills, returned library books. Why not some of the bread-y arts?

While I cook often enough, and enjoy doing so, baking has never been my strong suit. In any case, a simple white bread should be no trouble, right?

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That would be the explosion of flour that spread across my kitchen as I began mixing. Grrrrr.

Now, with cleaning done (easier than I thought, even if annoying), and bread dough rising, I can be a little more optimistic. Still, I have no idea how much flour I actually ended up using, as significant quantities were lost. I really don’t know if I was more or less than recipe amount (6 1/2 cups). The kneading was uncertain. I am not sure I ever really got “smooth and elastic”.

Enough for now. More in a couple hours!

About George

I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.
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