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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.

Blueberry-Basil Preserves (for 2017)

Guess I’m on a productive kick, but this morning I found some time to make blueberry-basil preserves. Delightful smell and flavor, as always. A single batch filled 11 of the 8 oz. jars, and the set seems wonderful. I was … Continue reading

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Batch 75 (It’s An English Bitter)

Earlier this week I did the final racking, priming (DME, about half what the recipe said since bitter’s aren’t really known for much in the way of carbonation) and bottling of the English Bitter that has been underway the last … Continue reading

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Import Magic

Well, importing was not altogether successful. So apologies if things seem amiss. For one, it appears that not all media got imported. There are very noticeable misses. Just, odd. Second, all post links still point at the old blog! And … Continue reading

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I am going to be merging the contents of another blog in with this one, so I apologize if there are any issues or spamming of reader software. I had originally separated my interests into two blogs – one for … Continue reading

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Preaching from Deuteronomy

Didn’t use quite as much Hebrew as I originally thought I might. That’s probably for the best, of course. I usually write a pretty detailed manuscript, though I don’t quite read it. But, that usually is dependent on more preparatory … Continue reading

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