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I'm interested in theology, languages, translation and various sorts of fermentation.

Ah, Homeland Security

I always opt out of the full scan. Always have. No concerns about health, really. Just some serious misgivings about being scanned while my hands are held over my head in surrender. The whole prospect is distasteful. Anyway, I have … Continue reading

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Dry Nutmeg Metheglin

Twenty-Five bottles of thoroughly nutmeg-soaked mead bottled this evening. This after getting my 11 year old, Sean, set up and running on a developer edition of SalesForce and Trailhead to go with it. This after a lovely lunch of pasta … Continue reading

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An Italian Evening

A very kind friend handed me their second copy of Marcela Hazan’s The Classic Italian Cookbook, essentially for Christmas. Tuesdays are normally the night I teach ESL, but the semester doesn’t start until next Tuesday. So…free night with limited budget … Continue reading

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Success, Sort Of

A lovely, slightly dense, white bread. And a lovely colored/textured crust, too. So, I call that a success. Oh, and it tastes great amazing. Neither of the two loaves expanded to fill its pan. One turned out beautiful, in spite … Continue reading

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Attempting Some White Bread

Returning from holiday in South Dakota, I was encouraged to attempt some baking again. I had made breakfast for the family, done a small puzzle, done the bills, returned library books. Why not some of the bread-y arts? While I … Continue reading

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