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Justice and Gender Roles

Professor Kirk has me pondering in his second post on Half The Church. I also intend to review the book soon, but am trying to finish James’  The Gospel of Ruth before jumping into the reading. Kirk takes issue with … Continue reading

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Some Early Morning Thoughts

A lot of people have been challenging the justness and love of God if there is such a thing as eternal torment in Hell. And that made me think about prison. A lot of people nowadays are dead-set against the … Continue reading

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Froggies and Dust-Gnats and Flys, oh my…

Read through the plagues in Exodus this morning. Our church is offering a daily reading plan to read through the Bible in 2011. Getting caught up on some reading, I read the whole story from God’s call to Moses all … Continue reading

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Predicting Behavior

James McGrath offered some links this morning. Much of the usual – science, religion, creation, evolution. But one has made me come back again and again to a thought it stirred. Not that the post itself was all that important … Continue reading

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I actually read Joel’s post before Jim’s impassioned thoughts showed up in my reader. And coming home this evening I read this post by Brian. A lot to think about. I’ll be honest, after reading Joel’s post I wanted to … Continue reading

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