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Dry Nutmeg Metheglin

Twenty-Five bottles of thoroughly nutmeg-soaked mead bottled this evening. This after getting my 11 year old, Sean, set up and running on a developer edition of SalesForce and Trailhead to go with it. This after a lovely lunch of pasta … Continue reading

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Batch 75 (It’s An English Bitter)

Earlier this week I did the final racking, priming (DME, about half what the recipe said since bitter’s aren’t really known for much in the way of carbonation) and bottling of the English Bitter that has been underway the last … Continue reading

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That’s A Lot Of Distilled Water…

Friday afternoon (yesterday), I ran up to Greenville to check out supplies at Grape & Grains, a local homebrew/wine supply shop. I browsed around for a bit, looking at the options. I had already checked online, and wasn’t seeing as … Continue reading

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Not Much Success

So, how are things are going with the “experiments”? Well I’m glad you asked. Experiment #1 is on its way to sea. Or the water treatment plant. Or somewhere. But not here. On Aug 8th, it did actually start bubbling … Continue reading

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More on Figs and Honey

Ah, what a busy day today was! But back to figs and honey… Let’s see, so far there are 4 experiments: Experiment #1 (honey and boiled tap water) is about to be dumped. It’s smelling off, and has as of … Continue reading

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