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Old Books, New Boots

This morning, a friend at church handed me a book from the 20’s. It is a Greek Grammar by William Hersey Davis. Pretty sure enough has happened in the study/reconstruction of Koine Greek to call into question some of the contents, but … Continue reading

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Review of Keep Your Greek

Thanks, first, go to Zondervan for this free review copy of Keep Your Greek, by Con Campbell. The Greek language is an important part of my personal study and I am well aware of my weaknesses with both Greek and … Continue reading

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ὥστε ἐκβάλλειν…καὶ θεραπεύων…

On my post of Matthew 10:1-4, I hit “post” before a final comment I intended to make. By comment, I simply mean that I had something I wanted to research and then comment on what I found – not that … Continue reading

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what to do when you are on a plane and your batteries are dead and you have a Greek New Testament on hand

For work, I had to fly out to Spokane, WA for the week. So, I had a lengthy flight to fill with activities. I watched that new movie with Jennifer Garner that is supposed to be like A Christmas Carol, … Continue reading

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Last night I was studying Hebrews 1 with my Greek Reader, along with an Interlinear with Greek, KJV and NIV. Though I muddled my way through I have to admit that I felt completely inadequate. I love studying languages, but … Continue reading

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