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Addenda to Subject Pronouns in Hindi

I covered the subject pronouns recently. A couple additional points are worth noting: Since the plural forms of the subject pronoun are used for a polite singular, लोग log “people” may be combined with the second person plural forms (तुम, … Continue reading

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होना honā and the Subject Pronoun

Hindi makes regular use of both a subject pronoun (I, you, he she, it, etc.) and verbal complement, होना honā “to be”1. The following chart illustrates them together (there should be agreement in their usage, of course): Singular Plural Person … Continue reading

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Thank You

Ah, now I finally understand… A while back I wondered what the difference between धन्यवाद dhanyavād and शुक्रिया śukriyā was. Now I know (I love books!). It seems thatधन्यवाद is a Sanskrit loanword, whileशुक्रिया is an Arabic loanword. Simple.

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Hindi Greetings, etc.

Ah, so I haven’t posted anything in regards to my Hindi study in a while. So I thought I would come back and post some of standard phrases: Excuse me. माफ़ कीजिय । māf kījiye. Hello. / Goodbye. नमस्ते ; … Continue reading

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Independent Challenge

“First, imagine a situation in which you run into an old friend of yours, and then prepare a short conversation with him or her…” Hindi – A Complete Course for Beginners, (p. 14) So I began to work on this. … Continue reading

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