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Other Clannad Themes

Earlier today I was sharing some of my love for the music that makes Clannad stand out. I shared the closing theme to the High School arc in that post. Here, I thought I might direct the interested to the … Continue reading

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NOTE: I’m going to try to keep this to non-spoiler material, with links for those who are interested in the background and unlikely to watch on their own. Last night, I finished the anime series Clannad (including After Story). And … Continue reading

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Review of Japanese For Busy People I

Japanese For Busy People I Kana Version (Revised Third Edition) Author: AJALT Soft Cover, 272 pages Publisher: Kodansha International Language: English/Japanese ISBN-13: 9784770030092 This book aims to share the Japanese language in a systematic, but introductory, manner. It is aimed … Continue reading

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Online Japanese Dictionary

I found a very cool link for japanese online study, It is an online Japanese-English dictionary, and found it quite helpful. I have added it to my blogroll, as well. Happy learning!

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Japanese Particles I

Japanese uses particles in order to identify elements within a sentence and to identify a sentence’s thrust or purpose. Many of these are appended to noun phrases much like a declension, to identify the phrase’s grammatical relationship to the rest … Continue reading

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