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Vertigo, Perhaps

So, my family doctor thinks vertigo best explains what is happening, due to buildup in the inner ear causing a loss of equilibrium. She prescribed an antihistamine that is supposed to get rid of the crystals that can build up, … Continue reading

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I Had The Nurses Scrambling

Thank you, all who read and responded to yesterday’s post. And for food, child care, text messages and prayers – all does not go unnoticed. Sincerely, thank you. Unfortunately, today was more of the same, and got an earlier start. … Continue reading

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Urgent Care

This evening has been a bit of a waste. After work, came upstairs eating some peanut butter crackers because I was hungry. About fifteen minutes later, I felt light-headed, confused, muscle spasms. Got dinner, which in my experience would be a … Continue reading

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Import Magic

Well, importing was not altogether successful. So apologies if things seem amiss. For one, it appears that not all media got imported. There are very noticeable misses. Just, odd. Second, all post links still point at the old blog! And … Continue reading

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I am going to be merging the contents of another blog in with this one, so I apologize if there are any issues or spamming of reader software. I had originally separated my interests into two blogs – one for … Continue reading

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