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Il Teatro Ristorante

Karlsruhe, right by the Novotel, is a nice little Italian restaurant that I have somehow missed in my many times here. What a shame, as it was delightful. The meal started with a nice glass of red that carried through … Continue reading

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Too Soon For Vacation’s End

So, tomorrow it is back to work. I suppose it’s always too soon. Pain I dislike yellow-jackets. It’s simple, really. After over 5 hours, by thumb on my right hand is still throbbing. After getting home from a lunch meeting, … Continue reading

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A Wonderful Time Of Year

It’s summer! Wow, I’ve not posted on here in a while. Lots has been going on, but things have been slow on the fermentation front. Not a standstill, but not overly active either. Things progressing, a couple beer attempts, and at … Continue reading

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A Day In Review: January 25

What a busy day! And it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Some very nice things, that would have been nice to share, were bottled. Ah, well. Maybe I will share something when I sample them. Back to today: First, … Continue reading

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Scenes From A Day In Paris

Today was a late starter. I apparently slept too long, and was awoken by maid service knocking at the door at noon. Slowly roused myself and got in the shower, and then once that was done headed out the door. … Continue reading

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