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Finding InternalName with PowerShell

So you have a field in a SharePoint list, and you want its internal name. This can be a real pain. You might be able to read it out of the URL with the Edit Field screen on the Site … Continue reading

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Problems Installing FLEx

After Mike mentioned FLEx in relation to my comments on SIL software and Toolbox, I was moved to download and install. Unfortunately, I have not met with success. The application itself is installed. But the installer never actually completes successfully … Continue reading

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programmatically setting content type

So, you have a SharePoint document library. And you are loading content into it programmatically. But you want your content to be a custom content type, right? Online, something like the following was suggested: But with a document, this doesn’t … Continue reading

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The Dragon

I’ve been looking at the Dragon fractal, and wrote my own algorithm for it. Most of the examples online require a purely horizontal or vertical solution. I have generalized it to allow for a starting point/ending point for the initial … Continue reading

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Oracle e-Business Suite

Just taking a break here at work. I’ve been working on exporting AR data from Oracle into a custom backlog/history reporting system. Overall, I have to say that the Suite database is overly complicated. It has poor relationship control and … Continue reading

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