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Yesterday, I got to do the first post in my translation of Matthew having the benefit of  A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature (3rd Edition), commonly referred to as BDAG. And I have to … Continue reading

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Matthew 10:16-23

Matthew 10:16-23 continues Jesus’ instructions to the disciples as they are about to go on their first “missionary” journey – a tour of Israelite towns with the goal of declaring the nearness of the Kingdom of God. You don’t have … Continue reading

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Getting It In Context

Yesterday, while working in the nursery during first service, I asked one of the other workers what they thought was a very random question. Out of the blue I said, “If you had to pick any animal that would be … Continue reading

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How did I miss that?

I’ve spent the last couple days working on translating Matthew 10:16-23. I finally finished going through it in the Greek, only to realize that the last verse has completely missed my attention. I’ve read it, many times even – in … Continue reading

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Matthew 10 meets Matthew 28. Ah!

We were talking about the Great Commission during our small group study – specifically about the authority Christ claims in Matthew 28:18 – when suddenly my work with chapter 10 bridged the gap all the way to the end of … Continue reading

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