Imperfect Indicative Middle/Passive

This page covers the imperfect indicative in the middle and passive voice. The passive and middle present share the same forms, so must be distinguished by context alone.

The Imperfect Indicative Middle/Passive is based on Principal Part 1, the 1st Person Singular Present Indicative Active. Take the PP1 and remove the ending . This will leave you with the present tense stem. Prefix the past augment as appropriate. To this stem add the appropriate ending for the person and number.

Indicative Ending
1st Person Singular (1ps) -ομην
2nd Person Singular (2ps) -ου
3rd Person Singular (3ps) -ετο
1st Person Plural (1pp) -ομεθα
2nd Person Plural (2pp) -εσθε
3rd Person Plural (3pp) -οντο

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