Е-type (1st Conjugation) Verbs

First, lets look at some common 1st conjugation verbs (in their infinitive forms):

  • закрывать, “to close”
  • делать, “to do, to make”
  • жить, “to live”
  • изучать, “to study, learn”
  • понимать, “to understand”
  • работать, “to work”

Not all forms having an infinitive ending in -ать (or soft -ять) are 1st conjugation, so this ending cannot be trusted on its own. But it is a common identifying element.

Imperfective Present

To form the imperfective present, i.e. “I do”, form of Е-type verbs, take the infinitive, remove the ending -ть, and add the following endings to form the appropriate form:

sg. pl.
1p -у/-ю -ем/-ём
2p -ешь/-ёшь -ете/-ёте
3p -ет/-ёт -ут/-ют

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