И-type (2nd Conjugation) Verbs

First, lets look at some common 2nd conjugation verbs (in their infinitive forms):

  • любить, “to like, love”
  • учить, “to teach”
  • говорить, “to speak”
  • находить (ж), “to find”
  • спать (л), “to sleep”

To form the general present, i.e. “I do”, form of и-type verbs, one need only take the infinitive, remove the final vowel (usually -и- with notable exceptions) and ending -ть, and add the following endings to form the appropriate word:

1st 2nd 3rd
singular -у/-ю -ишь -ит
plural -им -ите -ат/-ят

1st person singular forms commonly undergo consonant mutation.

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