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Developmental Issues

Developmental phases of a child’s life have an important impact on hard-to-handle behavior. We typically think of the toddler years and adolescence as times when children test their independence and want more control over their own lives. Unfortunately, toddlers and … Continue reading

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Age of Accountability

A lot of Christians teach that children are not held “accountable” for sin if they die before an “age of accountability.” It seems like it is just one of things you “should” believe, but I haven’t found any of the … Continue reading

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I finished reading the book of Ezra today. I have read it before, and so expected the end to strike me as odd, which it always has in the past. The last chapter of Ezra recounts the mass divorce called … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

Well, one of the leaders of the children’s ministry asked me to come up with some names from Greek/Hebrew. They are trying to rename the children’s ministry, as it has been named after whatever educational material is being used, which … Continue reading

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