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Online Japanese Dictionary

I found a very cool link for japanese online study, tangorin.com. It is an online Japanese-English dictionary, and found it quite helpful. I have added it to my blogroll, as well. Happy learning!

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Japanese To English Dictionary

a, i, u, e, o, ya, yu, yo 与える あたえる ataeru to give, to present 行く いく iku to go (from speaker’s reference) 惜しむ おしむ oshimu to be frugal, stingy; to value; to regret 世 よ yo 1. the world … Continue reading

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Greek to English Dictionary

α αἰδοῖον, αἰδοίου, τό sexual organ αἰσχύνομαι, αἰσχυνοῦμαι, -, -, ᾔσχυμμαι, ᾐσχύνθην to be ashamed, to feel shame before ἀριθμός, ἀριθμοῦ, ὁ number ἄφρων, ἄφρον senseless, foolish β βάρβαρος, βάρβαρον foreign, non-Greek γ δ δάκτυλος, δακτύλου, ὁ finger δέχομαι, δέξομαι, … Continue reading

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Hebrew to English Dictionary

א ב בֹּקֶר morning WOTD ג ד ה ו ז ח ט י יָד hand WOTD כ כֹּהֵן priest WOTD ל מ מֶלֶךְ king WOTD מַר bitter WOTD נ נָבִיא prophet WOTD נַחַל stream WOTD ס ע עוׂלָם distant time, … Continue reading

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WOTD, 사전

The word of the day is… 사전 Korean, sajŏn, 1. dictionary.

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