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I was reading this post, which reminded me that we are constantly asking the wrong questions and thereby proposing the wrong answers. The post addressed the morality of abortion and government’s role in legislating it. This is not really a … Continue reading

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I finished reading the book of Ezra today. I have read it before, and so expected the end to strike me as odd, which it always has in the past. The last chapter of Ezra recounts the mass divorce called … Continue reading

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Matthew 5:27-32

5.27 Ēkousate hoti errethē: ou moicheuseis. 5.28 egō de legō humīn hoti pās ho blepōn gunaika pros to epithumēsai autēn ēdē emoicheusen autēn en tēi kardiāi autou. 5.29 ei de ho ophthalmos sou ho dexios skandalizei se, exele auton kai … Continue reading

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