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Plenty Of Fig Leaves Means…

deviating from previous recipes (april 2013) took seven large fig leaves and rinsed them off. added them to pan with 850 mL of water. bring to a boil Mixed up solution of 400 mL everclear (190 proof) and 450 mL of water … Continue reading

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Dark and Beautiful

Today, it was time to begin my next ale, this time a porter. How To Brew has an example recipe for a porter, and provides alternatives for all-extract, partial extract and all-grain brewing methods. I went with the all-grain approach, … Continue reading

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The Last Two Weeks of Fermentation

In the last weeks, my new braggot went from a specific gravity of 1.101 to somewhere below 1.020; I haven’t checked the SG in a couple days, but it is certainly lower. The sweet mead is at this point somewhere … Continue reading

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April 29, 2013

Saturday, I began the day sanitizing jugs so that I could rack and apply potassium metabisulfite and sorbate to the “finished” strawberry melomel. But it was not to be. Moving the carboy to the counter-top, I found it bubbling little … Continue reading

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