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Where Am I Going To Age Them?!

Now that it is the wee hours of Monday morning, I am looking back at the activities of the weekend. I finally got around to labeling the peach wine, the blueberry wine, the blueberry melomel, the fig wine and the … Continue reading

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A Day In Review: January 25

What a busy day! And it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Some very nice things, that would have been nice to share, were bottled. Ah, well. Maybe I will share something when I sample them. Back to today: First, … Continue reading

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Second Thoughts

This morning I added a 1/2 tsp. of pectic enzyme to the fig wine and stirred it in. I hope I haven’t wasted 3 pounds of figs. My nose makes me worry.

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Dark and Beautiful

Today, it was time to begin my next ale, this time a porter. How To Brew has an example recipe for a porter, and provides alternatives for all-extract, partial extract and all-grain brewing methods. I went with the all-grain approach, … Continue reading

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On Finishing Well

Well this isn’t good. Today was a busy morning. I had about four of my ferments to rack (see progress note below…), so I got busy siphoning and the like. Busy in the kitchen, I was unaware what had transpired … Continue reading

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