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Gender-Bending in John

I was reading the Bible on my cellphone the other day, and noticed that YouVersion had other languages beyond English! Well, since I’ve been spending my time in French, I thought I’d browse within the Nouvelle Edition de Genève (NEG79), … Continue reading

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Justice and Gender Roles

Professor Kirk has me pondering in his second post on Half The Church. I also intend to review the book soon, but am trying to finish James’  The Gospel of Ruth before jumping into the reading. Kirk takes issue with … Continue reading

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Does This Work This Way?

I was working on exercises, and came across one that made me scratch my head a bit: οὔτοι ἱκανόν ἔν γε μάχῃ ἡ νίκης ἐλπίς. So, my rough translation is, “You know, the hope of victory in battle, at least, … Continue reading

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WOTD, la sorpresa

The word of the day is… la sorpresa Italian, lā sorprēsā, 1. (n.) surprise. Par for the course with romance languages, the dictionary entry for a noun in Italian includes the article, indicating the grammatical gender of the word. This word, … Continue reading

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