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FLEx and Compound Rules

I have been dutifully adding items to my FLEx dictionary as I study Japanese. Additionally, I have entered some text for the parser to work with. Now, it appears that the parser expects spaces between words – which is a … Continue reading

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Hello, July.

What? Well, I’m not really apologizing, I guess. Life is life. But I really didn’t intend to drop off the face of the blogosphere for three-and-a-half months. Nevertheless, that is the reality. So rather than provide an excuse for the … Continue reading

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The word of the day is… 世 (せい) Japanese, sei,  1. counter for generations. 2. noun/suffix used for geological timespan. 世 (よ) Japanese, yo, 1. the world 2. society 3. an age or generation

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WOTD, 与える

The word of the day is… 与える (あたえる) Japanese, ataeru, 1. to give, to present.

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Online Japanese Dictionary

I found a very cool link for japanese online study, tangorin.com. It is an online Japanese-English dictionary, and found it quite helpful. I have added it to my blogroll, as well. Happy learning!

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