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Review of The Shack

The Shack Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity Author: Wm. Paul Young Soft Cover, 256 pages Publisher: Windblown Media Language: English ISBN-13: 9780964729230 I am not a heavy reader of fiction, and when I do read fiction, I am more inclined to … Continue reading

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The Kite Runner

Often, but not always., books that become movies don’t turn out well in the movie. Thankfully, that is not the case with The Kite Runner, the movie based on the book by Khaled Hosseini. (I posted a while back on … Continue reading

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Thoughts On “Violence”

Ok, we’ve been talking a lot about war and “violence”, whether in relation to Prince Caspian or to Islamic Jihad and Christian nation-building. And now it’s Memorial Day, so thoughts about what that might mean for a Christian in America … Continue reading

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Matthew 5:38-42

5.38 Ēkousate hoti errethē: ophthalmon anti opthalmou kai odonta anti odantos. 5.39 egō de legō humīn mē antistēnai tōi ponērōi; all’hostis se rhapizei eis tēn dexian siagona [sou], strepson autōi kai tēn allēn; 5.40 kai tōi thelonti soi krithēnai kai … Continue reading

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Matthew 5:21-26

So, should the subtitle be, “You heard it said…” or, “But I say to you…”? Rather than pick, let’s recognize that together these two phrases provide a solid structure for looking at the words of Jesus. Let’s dive into the passage. … Continue reading

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