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45 Days of French – Day 35

Today’s notes come from Hour 17 of Alpha Teach Yourself French in 24 Hours (ATYF). And Hour 17 has only two topics for discussion. The first is verb tenses. The second is food. I’m liking the lesson already just with … Continue reading

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Greek Perfect Indicative Active

This post will cover the perfect indicative active and the perfect infinitive active. There are also perfect subjunctives and optatives, however they will have to be addressed in another post. The perfect tense has completed aspect and present time, equivalent … Continue reading

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Matthew 5:43-48

5.43 Ēkousate hoti errethē: agapēseis ton plēsion sou kai misēseis ton echthron sou. 5.44 egō de legō humīn: agapāte tous echthrous humōn * kai proseuchesthe huper tōn * diōkontōn humās; 5.45 hopōs genēsthe huioi tou patros humōn tou en ouranois, … Continue reading

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