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Too Many Moving Pieces

I have the following assorted batches going on: peach wine, blackberry wine, blueberry wine, blueberry melomel, Mars and Saturn grape wine, muscadine wine, fig wine, cyser, barley wine and three different braggots. Many haven’t been touched, other than just taking … Continue reading

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Not officially a holiday, nevertheless we tend to have fun out of the house on the-day-before-Mother’s-Day and the-day-before-Father’s-Day. But, Kim had a meeting this afternoon to prep for her trip to Kenya, so plans were adjusted. still some out and … Continue reading

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October 6, 2013

This afternoon, the weekend’s camping activities complete, I was able to get to bottling the strawberry melomel. Bottling was uneventful, and the result was fifteen orange-red bottles of strawberry melomel, all in clear glass. Luckily, there was enough left over … Continue reading

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September 1, 2013

Go, Tigers! I’m not much into sports, nor football in specific, but it’s hard not to share in the joy of the community over last night’s game between Clemson and UGA. Now, with that out of the way… This week … Continue reading

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Back Home, Busy

Well, I finally got back home last weekend. While gone, Clemson received record amounts of rain, and experienced a lot of flooding. Our vegetable garden fared better than expected, but not spectacularly. The weeds were even more impressed by the … Continue reading

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