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David Platt in Radical offers that the name Lazarus means “God Is My Help” (p.114). I had never heard that before. So I jotted the note down and later went online to verify. And if you look online, you will … Continue reading

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Your Input Requested…

So I’ve been writing in Matthew for a while now. Of late, I’ve provided an English transliteration before my own translation (with Nestle’s help, of course). You can see what I mean here, here and here… What do you think? … Continue reading

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The Arabic Alphabet

Letter Position Separate Initial Medial Final Transliteration Name Sounds Like… ا أ ـا ـا ā or ’ā alif father ب بـ ـبـ ـب b bā’ big ت تـ ـتـ ـت t tā’ ton ث ثـ ـثـ ـث th thā’ thought … Continue reading

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