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Ah, Homeland Security

I always opt out of the full scan. Always have. No concerns about health, really. Just some serious misgivings about being scanned while my hands are held over my head in surrender. The whole prospect is distasteful. Anyway, I have … Continue reading

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Dry Nutmeg Metheglin

Twenty-Five bottles of thoroughly nutmeg-soaked mead bottled this evening. This after getting my 11 year old, Sean, set up and running on a developer edition of SalesForce and Trailhead to go with it. This after a lovely lunch of pasta … Continue reading

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Not As Ready As I Thought

So, I racked my Honey Kölsch today, to secondary carboy, intending to bring it downstairs where it is cooler, especially on the ceramic tile. This is my hope of doing something, anything, like lagering. Unfortunately, two hours later I can … Continue reading

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Sorry to inform and then drop off the map, but my doc asked me to limit screen time as much as possible until early next week. If I have any news, I’ll try to be quick with it. But until … Continue reading

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I Had The Nurses Scrambling

Thank you, all who read and responded to yesterday’s post. And for food, child care, text messages and prayers – all does not go unnoticed. Sincerely, thank you. Unfortunately, today was more of the same, and got an earlier start. … Continue reading

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