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Blueberry-Basil Preserves (for 2017)

Guess I’m on a productive kick, but this morning I found some time to make blueberry-basil preserves. Delightful smell and flavor, as always. A single batch filled 11 of the 8 oz. jars, and the set seems wonderful. I was … Continue reading

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A Wonderful Time Of Year

It’s summer! Wow, I’ve not posted on here in a while. Lots has been going on, but things have been slow on the fermentation front. Not a standstill, but not overly active either. Things progressing, a couple beer attempts, and at … Continue reading

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February Is Upon Us

Why, what’s the matter, That you have such a February face, So full of frost, of storm and cloudiness? –  William Shakespeare,  Much Ado About Nothing No frost, no storm, not even cloudiness. Today was balmy for February, good for … Continue reading

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Too Many Moving Pieces

I have the following assorted batches going on: peach wine, blackberry wine, blueberry wine, blueberry melomel, Mars and Saturn grape wine, muscadine wine, fig wine, cyser, barley wine and three different braggots. Many haven’t been touched, other than just taking … Continue reading

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A Busy Weekend, Part I

This was a constantly “moving” weekend (I’m including Friday in the weekend, though I worked), fun and frustrating all wrapped up together. Friday was a mixed bag, ranging from racking wine to experimenting with salsa-making. Saturday was full of excitement, with a trip … Continue reading

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